Any Conditions

Here at Blue Dingo we believe riding clothing is a crucial accessory when one decides to be a motorcyclist. Having the right equipment adds more safety for the rider and decreases injury in the event of an accident. We think it is essential for all bikers to wear good quality riding clothing when riding a motorcycle as priority – It ensures full protection and piece of mind. Investing in a heavy-duty jacket made especially for all road conditions is vital to consider. A waterproof motorbike jacket, for instance, will provide maximum safety against harsh elements; for example, rain and excessive heat. Therefore, the limitation to ride in certain conditions and avoid others is minimized.

Blue Dingo Motorcycle jackets in Sydney come in various designs, styles, and sizes. Furthermore, they are available for both men and women. Likewise, fashion is something to put into consideration when shopping for motorcycle jackets online. Choose a colour and model that compliments your style. Otherwise, look for a colour that matches one of the colours on your motorbike.

Our heavy duty jackets and pants are unique and very durable. The quality and the material are essential as well. In other words, quality and materials used determine how sustainable the clothing will be. Commonly leather comparisons are seen to be of better quality, but a high-quality textile material is durable too. Our Cordura garments are a sturdy material and comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is soft and water resistant. Travelling long distance using a motorcycle can be a harsh experience. However, with the right protective clothing, an adventure on a bike becomes a less stressful experience.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to buy good quality motorbike equipment from an experienced online shop. Heavy-duty protective gear go beyond everyday clothing. They are for protection and come in handy in harsh weather conditions. Safety, design, comfort, and durability are only but a few elements to consider when buying riding gear. We cater for all terrain styles including customers who require scooter and ATV jackets or even farm workers.

Most of our models are joined using a zipper. The zipper prevents water from entering especially on a rainy day and keeps a good seal for the rider around the waist. Consequently, our garments come with watertight pockets, some on the outside but also hidden on the inside for extra security. These pockets have additional waterproof material to keep the items safe. The most suitable and reliable motorcycle jackets and pants have been padded in critical areas of the rider's body, for instance, the shoulders, chest and the back. Maximum protection can only be obtained from safety gear that is purchased from a shop that emphasizes on quality. While the design might seem like a preference for many, the fitment is the most important priority as it is also vital for our products to be super comfortable. The rider should always feel good wearing riding gear!