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Our heavy duty jackets offer various features to motorcycle riders and other industry based personnel. For instance, impact protection at the shoulders, elbows and back transforms a jacket from being only a piece of clothing to a safety necessity. Impact protectors reduce the damage caused by severe contact. In addition to that, they are designed explicitly with Australian weather conditions in mind.  Our Motorcycle waterproof jackets are 100% water resistant, full armour with zip out thermal liners. They are manufactured for the harshest weather conditions such as heat and water. In other words, quality is of the essence.

They are highly suitable for rough terrain such as the Australian Outback or Mountain ranges with sub-zero temperatures. A rider can double the security to ensure that they are comfortable, safe and enjoy riding in rugged terrain. Also featured are integrated fourth-generation technology which has brought the ultimate experience when riding. Our clothing is manufactured with precision; hence, they are made from quality material, entirely designed and fabricated to withstand harsh conditions.

The jackets sold are not only for motorcycle riders but also for other users such as miners, warehouse workers, farmers, snow workers and many more. These jackets are suitable for much more including schools and training facilities.