PANTS – Pants

Our Motorcycle riding pants are manufactured for protection. Whereas most of them are stylish and take the appearance of the rider a notch higher, our Murrumbidgee range is suitable for all weather and terrain. In fact, they are mainly designed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. In addition to that, they are manufactured considering the rider's dynamic needs. They are designed to be the right fit for Australian riders, big and small.

Our waterproof motorbike pants are well capable of keeping the rider dry in wet conditions. However, they also keep the temperature fresh when it is hot; warm when the weather is cold. More importantly, they will also keep the rider safe in the event of a crash and are by far the most important piece of apparel in this application.

Perfect for all weather conditions our rainproof pants will get wet on the outside, however the inside will remain dry and warm. They are padded at the knees as well to reduce impact in a crash. It is crucial to have the proper safety gear on when riding, whether it be a motorcycle or scooter. All stock is manufactured from heavy-duty Cordura material which is just as safe as leather using a high-quality textile: Cordura. A 500D Cordura can protect the rider from a serious crash. However, 1000D Cordura can withstand several crashes and still remain in great condition.

Another great feature is that our pants are manufactured with the ability to allow circulation of air inside to the leg. They are completely breathable and will keep the body fresh. A breathable membrane on the inside and a thermal lining also helps this too. The thermal lining is incorporated to increase insulation. The thermal padding is also removable.

Our range of gear only carry high quality and are factory packed and have various genuine patent tags. They are 100% suitable for harsher conditions such as rough terrain and The Rocky Mountains with an exclusive additional safety feature in addition to double layering inside of the garment.

Blue Dingo motorcycle pants are manufactured and tested in Australia for the Australian market. The “Murrumbidgee’ model is 100% waterproof and are constructed using high-quality materials designed to last longer. A breathable membrane is incorporated in the design and fits in the inner shell. These models come with additional side pockets positioned well within reach from all riding positions.

When considering buying motorcycle riding pants, Blue Dingo is your one stop shop. Well made and sharply designed to complement all tastes and preferences, above all, safety should be the primary focus when buying your riding gear.