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About Us

With over 30 years of experience in the protective clothing industry Blue Dingo have been providing quality motorcycle safety gear to our valued customers without fail since inception. Our garments sold are competitive in pricing, however, protection and comfort is our priority. Furthermore, Blue Dingo works hard to improve the quality of safety apparel every year.  Blue Dingo is 100% Australian owned. Notably the business started following personal experiences especially with substandard heavy-duty jackets and heavy-duty pants flooding the market.
Hence the business was started to supply all-purpose protective clothing. The online store is now a full-fledged operation providing safety apparel to people including but not limited to Motorcyclists, Scooter Riders, ATV riders, Farmers, Cold Store Workers, Warehouse Attendants, Miners, Equestrians, Snow Workers and Earth Movers.  

The owner of the business, Des Laumond, is a motorcycle enthusiast with many years of experience as a rider and has long participated in the Australian Motorcycling Community. He understands the need for superior clothing for the everyday rider. A completely Waterproof designed jacket and pants, for instance, were a top priority to produce shielding the rider from rain and excessive heat. Furthermore, the clothing will keep the rider warm in cold weather.  

Des believes that 100% protection is the point of difference. Therefore, he has tailored the business to stock safety apparel that will last long without compromising on quality and protection, being versatile all year round. We have unique, high-quality garments in all sizes to fit both women and men that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Quality is a priority we hold highly. We believe we can protect riders from severe falls and accidents and walk away without a scratch. Try our products today!